MUSACK started on Nantucket Island where the summer is fantastic but the winter is long and very isolated with not much to do. The Nantucket year-round population is a little over 10,000 mostly working class, service industry families and their children many of whom hail from places as far flung as Bulgaria, Ecuador, and Jamaica who find themselves in a strange new home with few means. Enter MUSACK which in 2009 began arming Nantucket’s high schoolers with guitars and music lessons as a way to help them tell their stories and stay focused on kid stuff like doing good in school and moving on to college. Along the way MUSACK has sponsored cultural exchanges to fight off claustrophobia and established a scholarship fund to send kids to college in pursuit of music or related degrees.

Now in its 6th year MUSACK has plans to expand to Los Angeles with guitar, drum and rap labs along with other creative activities because kids in LA need to express themselves too.

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    2015 MUSACK Scholars

    We are very proud to announce our 2015 MUSACK Scholars - Leah Hull and Michael Proch. Leah and Michael have been actively involved in music programming at Nantucket High School. For Michael music has been, "like taking part in a whole new universe. When I am playing music, I feel as if I am tapping in to something . . .and I don’t know what it is." Leah, who has participated in theater productions and community performances throughout her childhood, can't imagine life without the joy of music. And she nearly had to - diagnosed with an illness requiring throat surgery there was a time when Leah was unsure of her ability to continue her pursuit of singing. Maintaining a positive attitude, staying active in theater through stage crew work, and many many hours of therapy and practice resulted in Leah "learning to use and appreciate my ‘new’ voice."

    Michael plans to attend Saint Michael's College in Vermont where he will continue his passion for piano. Leah plans to attend Pace University in New York a BFA in musical theater.

    MUSACK congratulates our scholars for their personal and academic accomplishments, which place them among the highest achievers of NHS Class of 2015. 

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    This is Pretty Cool

    From the TED-Ed series...

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    Hey Look!

    MUSACK made the news on Nantucket island! We are honored to have a lovely article written by Lindsay Pykosz of The Inquirer and Mirror appear in last Friday’s edition.

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    2015 MUSACK Scholarship Deadline

    It’s that time! You know the time…college and financial aid application time!! MUSACK is pleased to announce its third year of college scholarship grants.

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