MUSACK.org started on Nantucket Island where the summer is fantastic but the winter is long and very isolated with not much to do. The Nantucket year-round population is a little over 10,000 mostly working class, service industry families and their children many of whom hail from places as far flung as Bulgaria, Ecuador, and Jamaica who find themselves in a strange new home with few means. Enter MUSACK.org which in 2012 began arming Nantucket’s high schoolers with guitars and music lessons as a way to help them tell their stories and stay focused on kid stuff like doing good in school and moving on to college. Along the way MUSACK.org has sponsored cultural exchanges to fight off claustrophobia and established a scholarship fund to send kids to college in pursuit of music or related degrees.

Now in its 4th year MUSACK.org has plans to expand to Los Angeles with guitar, rap and songwriting labs along with other artistic and entrepreneurial activities because kids in LA get bored to.

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    Hey Look!

    MUSACK made the news on Nantucket island! We are honored to have a lovely article written by Lindsay Pykosz of The Inquirer and Mirror appear in last Friday’s edition.

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    2015 MUSACK Scholarship Deadline

    It’s that time! You know the time…college and financial aid application time!! MUSACK is pleased to announce its third year of college scholarship grants.

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    Rap Labs Are Here!

    This fall our brilliant instructional partner, Nantucket Community Music Center, approached MUSACK with an idea….what if we form a “Production Club” or “Rap Lab”??

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    20 Minutes a Day

    "Even kids who've had 20 minutes a day of music lessons -- which isn't a whole lot -- will, after a year, demonstrate changes in how their nervous system responds to sound, be it music or speech." 

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