This Machine Changes Lives!


Q: What do you do when a rash of teen suicides infects your old high school?

A: Start a charity that supports music programs there.

Q: What do you do when that charity starts to work and needs money to operate?

A: Throw an annual Rock n’ Roll carnival in your backyard with great music, comedy, and art and then invite everyone you know to come and hang and donate money.

Q: What do you do when the kids you’re supporting graduate from high school and your programs are successful?

A: Set up college scholarships and expand as fast as you can. Start spreading the music from coast to coast! Raise more money and buy more guitars!

That’s what this is.  Since 2009, we’ve been providing underprivileged Nantucket high schoolers and middle schoolers with guitars and music instructors as a way to empower them to tell their stories in a safe space. Taking our cue from the kids, we quickly expanded to include drums, and occasional support for other music and arts programs. We now have Musack supported programs in LA, Compton, North Carolina, and even Haiti, all with huge support from our annual Rock n’ Roll Carnival backyard music festival featuring our talented musician and comedian friends. To Woody Guthrie, "This Machine Kills Fascists!" To us, "This Machine Makes Music Happen!" What is this machine to you?