Why Do We Want to Make Music Happen?

Great question. Donick Cary started Musack as his answer to the growing suicide rate in Nantucket, but there are plenty of other reasons that music matters. Music requires creativity, self-direction, and problem solving that can lead to a student’s growing interest in math, technology, or other innovative activities. Music education has been linked to healthy brain development, academic gains, a more positive outlook, and all sorts of other good stuff. You get it, right?

Whether they're on an island, in the heart of LA, or an impoverished nation, music is a bridge for kids to experience life beyond the confines of their own neighborhood. Give a kid a guitar and you give a kid a voice to express themselves at those critical years where you sometimes feel a little hopeless or lost. Just ask some of the Musack kids what this means to them: 


If you want more evidence, here are some sources we like: