2017 Carnival


2017 Carnival

2017 Musack Rock n' Roll Carnival

Join us on October 7th! Be prepared for another epic day full of music, comedy, and family friendly activities this fall. Sign up for our list and like us on Facebook to be the first to know the full lineup. But, tickets are discounted for a short time and will go up every month, so buy early! Scroll down for more details and photos from previous years.


  • The English Beat
  • Billy Bragg
  • ... TONS more coming soon


Nan Coffey will be painting guitars for the bands to play, plus some other cool auction items and our backdrop! Check out her work! She's collaborated with some of our favorite people - from The Specials to Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Here's a sneak peek of her Carnival work:

Brian Butler (Upper Hand Art) will be back with his popular portrait booth to draw you and your family and friends and to live draw some of the performances... check out some of his work from last year!


Silent Auction

We'll have another epic Rock n' Roll silent auction for you this year... plus a live auction for some of Nan's guitars played by the bands! If you or your company are able to donate any silent auctions, please email! We'll take autographs, gift baskets, gift cards, or any creative ideas you have for items or experiences!

What to Expect

This video from 2016 should show you just how much fun this day can be. Watch it and then scroll down to see some photos of all of our past events.


Past Carnivals

Past Carnivals

Past Carnivals (Scroll Down for Photos)

Set in a big park-like backyard in the middle of Los Angeles, the Rock n' Roll Carnival always features a full day of amazing bands, children’s activities, food, art, and comedy. Past Carnivals have featured Rancid, Fishbone, Weird Al, Lisa Loeb, The Interrupters, Tim Armstrong in a Tree (like performing in an ACTUAL tree), Yo La Tengo, Superchunk, She & Him, Childish Gambino, X, Jonathan Richman, The Polyphonic Spree, and too many more to mention but you get the idea. Check out our photos below if you don't believe how epic these Carnivals are. And, they're all to put instruments in the hands of kids in need and to empower them with a creative voice... and maybe to be the next Dylan or Hendrix (fingers crossed). 

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