2018 Carnival


2018 Carnival

Musack's Rock n' Roll Carnival

2019 Carnival- 8/24

Get your tickets ON SALE NOW! This year’s lineup features:

CJ Ramone
HR of Bad Brains (playing Bad Brains)
The Untouchables
Tommy Stinson ft. Moby, Tony Kanal, & Fred Armisen
DJ Shepard Fairey
Freedy Johnston
Comedy from Mike O'Brien
Beatie Wolfe
Service Human w/ musicians from Geggy Tah
Darren Thompson
Paul's Boutique at 30 with Dust Brother John King and Money Mark
Talking The Replacements with Bob Mehr & Peter Jesperson
The 501st Legion
Magic from Bizzaro
Indigenous Enterprise 
Los Angeles Lady Arm Wrestlers (LA LAW)
The Upper Hand Art
Kids section from The Art Grist and Kid Row
Musack kids bands from Kid Row, Three O'Clock Rock, Native American Music Fund, and Larchmont Charter School

And of course... Nan Coffey and Upper Hand Art, art, activities, and fun for the whole family from The Art Grist, bar (including beer from Fall Brewing Company), and food from La Morra Pizzeria and Cookie Dough Dreams!

All proceeds go to giving kids and teens a voice through music worldwide in locations like Compton, LA, Haiti, El Salvador, Cuba, Native American reservations across the US, and more!

Thank you to our 2019 Carnival Sponsors!

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2018 Carnival Photos (Scroll down for past years)


Past Carnivals

Past Carnivals

Past Carnivals (Scroll Down for Photos)

Set in a big park-like backyard in the middle of Los Angeles, the Rock n' Roll Carnival always features a full day of amazing bands, children’s activities, food, art, and comedy. Past Carnivals have featured English Beat, Billy Bragg, Rancid, Fishbone, Weird Al, Lisa Loeb, The Interrupters, Tim Armstrong in a Tree (like performing in an ACTUAL tree), Yo La Tengo, Superchunk, She & Him, Childish Gambino, X, Jonathan Richman, The Polyphonic Spree, and too many more to mention but you get the idea. Check out our photos below if you don't believe how epic these Carnivals are. And, they're all to put instruments in the hands of kids in need and to empower them with a creative voice... and maybe to be the next Dylan or Hendrix (fingers crossed). 

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