Musack's Mission

Musack's mission is to give kids and teens a voice through music by providing guitars, drums, and support for music teachers - wherever the need arises. So many musicians credit their first guitar with saving their lives. We have the chance to provide that guitar. We MAKE MUSIC HAPPEN. We take our cue from Woody Guthrie, 

This machine kills Fascists!
This machine…empowers.
This machine…inspires.
This machine…changes lives! 


Musack's History


Writer/producer Donick Cary (Simpsons/Parks and Recreation/Silicon Valley) began Musack with a simple vision: raise money to fund musical programs for his hometown high school on Nantucket Island. After a rash of teen suicides on the island Donick thought about how he and his friends got through their teen years. Music. Enter Musack which in 2009 began providing Nantucket’s high schoolers with guitars and music lessons as a way to help them tell their stories. Taking our cue from the kids, we quickly expanded to include drums and other music and arts programs. Our programs then quickly spread to a variety of different locations worldwide.

Musack's Success

•5000+ students engaged in 400+ lessons annually


•Guitar, ukulele, drum, fiddle, banjo, and piano students; plus chorale and musical theater support and scholarships

•Programs supported worldwide -Nantucket, Compton, LA, Haiti, Appalachia, Australia, Cuba, Alaska, Chattanooga, Tampa, Native American Southwest, South Dakota, and Oakland... so far.

•Seven (and counting) Musack scholarship recipients pursuing music-related degrees

Are You In? 

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We want to build a community of talented kids around the country that rock, rap, and jam (together or alone) their way to greatness. We want to empower these kids to share their stories via music. And we want you to be a part of it, starting with your performance at the 2019 Rock n' Roll Carnival.