Past Carnivals (Scroll Down for Photos)

Set in a big park-like backyard in the middle of Los Angeles, the Rock n' Roll Carnival always features a full day of amazing bands, children’s activities, food, art, and comedy. Past Carnivals have featured Rancid, Fishbone, Weird Al, Lisa Loeb, The Interrupters, Tim Armstrong in a Tree (like performing in an ACTUAL tree), Yo La Tengo, Superchunk, She & Him, Childish Gambino, X, Jonathan Richman, The Polyphonic Spree, and too many more to mention but you get the idea. Check out our photos below if you don't believe how epic these Carnivals are. And, they're all to put instruments in the hands of kids in need and to empower them with a creative voice... and maybe to be the next Dylan or Hendrix (fingers crossed). 

2016 Rock n' Roll Carnival

2015 Rock n' Roll Carnival

2014 Rock n' Roll Carnival

2013 Rock n' Roll Carnival

2012 Rock n' Roll Carnival