Copy of 2018 Carnival


Copy of 2018 Carnival

We want YOU to perform at:

the 9th Annual Rock N' Roll Carnival

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Musack's Story


The Cause

The Cause

Will you make Musack with us?


Q: What do you do when a rash of teen suicides infects your old high school?

A: Start a charity that supports music programs there.

Q: What do you do when that charity starts to work and needs money to operate?


A: Throw an annual Rock n’ Roll carnival in your backyard with great music, comedy, and art and then invite everyone you know to come and hang and donate money.

Q: What do you do when the kids you’re supporting graduate from high school and your programs are successful?


A: Set up college scholarships and expand as fast as you can.Start spreading the music from coast to coast and set up Musack programs wherever kids need them. So far that includes Los Angeles, Compton, Appalachia, Haiti, Cuba, Alaska, Australia,Tampa, Oakland, Chattanooga, and Native American reservations across the Southwest US.

Q: So why are we sending all this information to you?

A: Well, every year for 7 years in LA, we've hosted a casual backyard fundraising mini-Coachella experience that is unlike any other event for the performers and the attendees - all for a great cause. We want you to come and play at it! We want to magically turn your performance into cold hard cash that makes music happen for Musack kids. It'll be an amazingly gratifying and fun experience. What are you waiting for!?

The Event

The Event



600+ attendees from an invite-only list

VIP guest experience

Artist only areas

Professional PA and tech support

Family- friendly


Picnic style atmosphere

Food vendors

10+ artists/bands

Celebrity and comedy guest acts between sets

Silent auction of unique experiences, art, and exclusive music memorabilia

concert + carnival + doing good things


Set in a big park-like backyard in the middle of Los Angeles's Hancock Park neighborhood, the Rock n' Roll Carnival always features a full day of amazing bands, children’s activities, food, art, and comedy. But it doesn’t happen without you! We need you to come and make music. You are the engine that makes all our programs go. Think about it -- you play a few songs for us and hundreds of kids get music lessons! We promise this will be one of the funnest, most different-est shows you do this year. This is your chance to help get music in the hands and hearts of kids who need it. Help them sing their stories and have a voice. Maybe one of them will become the next Dylan or Hendrix or Ramone or Baez or Bonham or Strummer or Fatboy or Bootsy or Lamar or some crazy hybrid of all of them thanks to you.

More Than Just a Concert


From guitar lessons, to comedy, to art, and family-friendly fun, this is not your average gig.

And, it's all to make music happen around the world! We've been written up in Billboard Magazine, the Hollywood Reporter, Thrillist, LA Weekly, and Relix. We'd love to have you come and be part of the day. 

The Audience

The Audience

The Audience


The Musack board is made up of mostly comedy writer/producers and we basically invite everyone we know from all the shows we work on and their families – The Simpsons, Family Guy, Silicon Valley, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Homeland, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, etc. etc. - and squeeze them for cash money!


Past Lineups

Past Lineups

Past Lineups

You'll join the likes of so many amazing artists and bands who have played in the past, including:

• Childish Gambino

• She & Him

• The Aquabats!

•The Polyphonic Spree



•Yo La Tengo

•Jonathan Richman


• Flavor Flav

• X

•The Wrecking Crew

•Lisa Loeb

•The Bird and the Bee

•Tijuana Panthers

•Jody Stephens Big Star


•Colin Hay

•Weird Al

•DJ Questlove

•DJ Shepard Fairey

•Cody ChesnuTT

•Deltron 3030

•Rodney Bingenheimer

•The Interrupters

•Kimya Dawson

•Tim Heidecker

•English Beat

•Billy Bragg

•Patton Oswalt

•Aimee Mann

•Ted Leo

•Lol Tolhurst of the Cure

•Mexican Institute of Sound

•& Many More!

Join Us

Join Us


Call or email us today to get involved.

Katie Kerins or (978) 866-4412


About Musack

About Musack


Musack's Mission

Musack's mission is to give kids and teens a voice through music by providing guitars, drums, and support for music teachers - wherever the need arises. So many musicians credit their first guitar with saving their lives. We have the chance to provide that guitar. We MAKE MUSIC HAPPEN. We take our cue from Woody Guthrie, 

This machine kills Fascists!
This machine…empowers.
This machine…inspires.
This machine…changes lives! 


Musack's History


Writer/producer Donick Cary (Simpsons/Parks and Recreation/Silicon Valley) began Musack with a simple vision: raise money to fund musical programs for his hometown high school on Nantucket Island. After a rash of teen suicides on the island Donick thought about how he and his friends got through their teen years. Music. Enter Musack which in 2009 began providing Nantucket’s high schoolers with guitars and music lessons as a way to help them tell their stories. Taking our cue from the kids, we quickly expanded to include drums and other music and arts programs. Our programs then quickly spread to a variety of different locations worldwide.

Musack's Success

•5000+ students engaged in 400+ lessons annually


•Guitar, ukulele, drum, fiddle, banjo, and piano students; plus chorale and musical theater support and scholarships

•Programs supported worldwide -Nantucket, Compton, LA, Haiti, Appalachia, Australia, Cuba, Alaska, Chattanooga, Sarasota, FL, Native American Southwest, Pine Ridge, El Salvador, and Oakland... so far.

•Seven (and counting) Musack scholarship recipients pursuing music-related degrees

Are You In? 

IMG_5143 (1).JPG

We want to build a community of talented kids around the country that rock, rap, and jam (together or alone) their way to greatness. We want to empower these kids to share their stories via music. And we want you to be a part of it, starting with your performance at the 2019 Rock n' Roll Carnival.