Last week, two of us (Donick and Alex) had a trip planned to Cuba. So we thought, "why not try to send a guitar with them if we can find someone who needs it?!"

We got in touch with Horns to Havana who helped us find Conservatorio Amadeo Rolden in Old Havana, and we were able to bring a guitar directly to a student there, and we are so glad we made it happen.  

The kids there are incredibly talented and dedicated, and while they are only 30 miles away from Miami they are in a world completely unlike anything we know. For example there are NO MUSIC stores in Cuba. None.  That means when a string breaks.   It is broken.   When a reed breaks -- you have to re-glue or carve it -- you have to improvise and make do.  

Our gifts to these kids are incredibly impactful and meaningful.   They are extremely appreciative of the help.  They were bursting with smiles at the brand new fender guitar we brought...  they passed it around and all commented at how easy and great it was to play. 

We even got to see our gift already getting put to use!

This experience was so rewarding for us that we want to give you the opportunity to have it too. And we want to keep giving kids in need in Cuba a voice with these guitars. Here's how it'll work:

1. You have a trip planned to Cuba (we can help with this).

2. You donate at least $1,000 to MUSACK, and we deliver the guitars to you (max 2 per traveler).

3. Your airline will be notified that these guitars are for donation and will not be charged extra baggage fees.

4. You deliver the guitars to the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldan in old Havana.

5. Tour the school, see the gratitude and delight when you hand over your gifts to a needy student, and maybe even witness a musical performance.

For more information and to become a Musack Missionary, click here!

If you're not able to travel to Cuba right now, and you want to help us with this program and providing instruments and instruction to kids in need in our other programs, that's great too! We provide guitars and drums to help kids express themselves through music, and any donation helps!