Photo credit: John Schulz

Photo credit: John Schulz

You may know Nan Coffey from her Mighty Mighty Bosstones collaboration. You may know Nan Coffey from her Horace Panter collaboration. You may know Nan's rad "Art All Over" style already, but no matter where you know her art from, we're so stoked to share more about the Nan Coffey + Musack collaboration. 

Nan’s intention is to use her unique artistic talents as a vehicle to show connectivity, inclusion, and love (along with a side of Rock’n’Roll and a good beer) to the world. Meanwhile, Musack's mission is to give kids and teens a voice through music by providing guitars, drums, and other instruments worldwide. We make music happen and raise money to do it with our Rock n' Roll Carnival. Working with Nan this year, was a no-brainer. 

Attending the Rock n' Roll Carnival, you're going to see Nan's art everywhere. Whether you're attending or not, you can bid on her guitars AND stormtrooper helmet in our auction to raise money to send more instruments to more kids and programs in need. Check these out! Register now to bid or click the images below to bid on each item and check out more on Nan at her website!

More of Nan's guitars are coming soon! We're stoked to have Nan's art at Carnival and to show you more. Stay tuned! 

All photos by John Schulz